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Communication, goal setting, self-esteem

Mr. Bell

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3._____________ ______________ is a skill that helps a person say "no" to an action or leave a situation.
6.______________ competence is defines as how good you with something which requires physical skill.
9._____________ _________________ Steps that can be taken to settle a disagreement in a responsible way.
13.How good you are at school work or how smart you think you are is defined as____________ ability.
14.What type of skills determine how well you get along with others.
15.How competent you are as an employee is defined as _______________ potential
16.An adverse judgement formed without looking at the facts.
1.People who have good __________-_________ tend to make good choices.
2.______________ ____________ are skills that help a person share thoughts and information with others.
4.There are many _________________ inventories designed to assess people's self esteem.
5.People with negative self esteem tend to have low ____________ in oneself.
7._____________ _____________is a way of responding to show that a person hears and understands
8.____ _____________ is a message that blames or that shames someone.
10.Expressing your ideas and feelings without feeling threatened
11.The ability to share in another person's emotions or feelings
12.Winning the lottery is a ____________ becasue it's highly unlikely you will win.

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