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goal 3

Kenya Ingram

1         2               3                       4                    
  6   7                              
    9                                 10 11    
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15 16                    
17     18                                              
    23       24     25
28     29                     30      
34           35                                  

1.two main men responsible for yellow journalism
7.the act of choosing a side in journalism and painting a "bad guy"
9.wrote "The influence of sea power on history" (Strong navy = strong nation)
17.sailed the US navy into Japan and forced them to sign "Black ship treaties"
19.treaties that japan were forced to sign by the US
20.letters sent to spain mocking the united states and her people
22.wrote "Significance of the frontier on american history" (Frontier thesis)
26.fleet created to sail around CA to intimidate its nations
29.the treaty that granted the US Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines
31.canal that was dug by the US in central america
33.famous quote that she made
34.men with a racist belligerent foreign policy
35.nickname given to alaska after being purchased
36.the queen of hawaii
37.the policy that stated all nations of the world would share china and its resources
2.the ship that was sunk in Havana that started the Spanish american war
3.3 goals of US expansion
4.the three main causes of the spanish american war
5.revolutionary who led the revolt in the philippines
6.the famous cavalry unit that was assembled by teddy roosevelt and that charged san juan hill
8.notes sent to major world powers suggesting the china would be shared by all nations
10.the act allowing puerto rico to form a civil government
11.famous US president and spanish american war veteran
12.policy of using bribes to get what you want
13.famous mexican president and revolutionary who was assassinated shortly after being appointed to office
14.act stating that we can intervene in cuba at a whim
15.the name of the rebellion by young patriotic chinese
16.Man who wrote the famous open door notes
18.the island that was nicknamed "the gas station of the pacific"
21.a group of men that apposed US imperialism
23.the famous hill that was charged by the 1st volunteer cavalry
24.foreign policy of using a show of force to get what you want
25.act stating that we may not annex cuba
27.a policy of being everyones friend in hopes of the favor being returned
28.controller of the hawaiin fruit plantation monopoly
30.court cases debating over rights granted to puerto ricans
32.cuban revolutionary responsible for the quote "Cuba Libre"

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