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Goal 3 Review

Brandi Pinkston

1 2 3
5 6      
  7           8                             9
        11   12                        
      14       15    
    16         17                            
    22             23
24         25       26    
          28                             29
    31                   32 33                    

4.Who took over Hawaii after the king?
7.Who forced Japan to sign Most Favored Nation treaty?
12.Letters sent home by President McKinley
18.Queen Liliuokalani quote
20.Best United States battle ship
28.Exaggerations of events
30.U.S is not allowed to annex Cuba
31.Invaded by Rough Riders
33.One of the 3 reasons for the goals of expansion was to find new raw ...?
34.Fruit Plantation
35.What was the purchase of Alaska from Russia called in 1868?
36.Who wrote the open door notes?
1.Men with a racist, belligerent foreign policy
2.One of the 3 reasons for the goals of expansion was to find new ... to sell our material to.
3.Author of The Frontier on American History
5.Who was the influence of sea power upon history?
6.Use economic investments in CA to encourage them as we asked.
8.What did the Open Door Notes become when nobody replied back?
9.Allows Puerto Rico to set up a civil government
10.U.S can intervene with Cuba anytime we want
11.Scary military guy, Guerilla tactics
13.Teddy Roosevelt used violence and force to get what he wanted, what was this Diplomacy called?
14.Any treaty that Japan was forced to sign was called the ... ?
15."Speak softly, and carry a big stick."
16.Rough Riders
19.Series of supreme court cases about the government of Puerto Rica
21.Group of young patriotic Chinese tried to force the whites out.
22.National Security
23.Methodist Minister
24.Mexican that was never found.
25.What were the notes called sent to world leaders with the idea of sharing China?
26.Act as friends, send aid and religion
27.Rebel leader in Cuba
29.Gas station of the Pacific
32.One of the 3 reasons for the goals of expansion was to get land for naval bases to protect our interest.

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