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Goal 3 Review

Kelsey Thor

1         2               3
  4     5         6
7 8                                               9
  10           11                      
    15     16                    
            19             20        
        22                           23    
            24         25              
31                             32            

1.Fruit plantations from Hawaii, Bayonette Treaty.
4.One of the causes of the Spanish American War, explodes killing 109 sailors and marines
7.Midway Island, between California and Japan
10.Group of young patriotic Chinese trying to force whites out.
13.she said " Hawaii is for the Hawaiians"
16.Roosevelt and the Rough Riders charged up to defeat Spain.
17.US digs for national security
19.Methodist minister who urged Christians to become missionaries
21.One of the guys most famous for using Yellow Journalism.
22.US can intervene in Cuba anytime we want.
24.Raided towns in Arizona and New mexico for weapons.
26.ships painted white, sailed around the world, mostly in Central America.
28.Economic investments in CA to encourage them to do what we asked
29.written by Enrique De Lome, Mckinley is " weak and worthless"
30.Act as friend, give aid and religion, not very effective.
31.1st Volunteer Cavalry
32.Secretary of state
33.Allow Puerto Rico to set up a civil government
34.William Seward's purchase of Alaska. Icy, cold, penguins, no value.
2.wrote the Frontier Thesis
3.Men with racist, belligerent foreign policy
5.joined the Anti-Imperialist League
6.Rebel leader, poet, Cuba Libre!
8.Strong Navy = Strong Country
9.One of the 3 goals for expansion was to find new raw....
11.Scary Filipino military guy who used Guerilla tactics
12.Use of FORCE in Latin America
14.Painted all of his ships BLACK to intimidate the Japanese, forced Japan to sign a treaty and they would never forgive us
15.Supreme court cases about the government of Puerto Rico.
18.An exaggeration of events
20.Treaty that gave the US the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam
23.US was NOT allowed to annex Cuba
25.No one disagreed, EXCEPT China.
27.Writing each world country to share China.

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