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Goal 3 Review

David Tho

1         2 3
    4     5                 6
    7                       8
    10   11                     12      
13     14                        
15       16                    
        17 18      
  20       21                      
          24     25  

1.Men with a racist, belligerent foreign policy.
4.Methodist preaches believe religion will cure all social ills.
7.Allowed US control of fruit plantation.
9.US can Annex Cuba
11.Scary, Military guy with Guerilla tactics.
13.Weak and worthless De Lome Letter to President Mckinley.
16.Sunk by what thought to be Spain job.
21.Rebel leader of Cuba.
22.Proclaimed the Frontier Thesis.
23.Raided town in Arizona and New Mexico.
26.California and Japan Midway island.
27.Exaggeration Event
28.US can intervene in cuba anytime
29.Charge up by 1st Cavalry
30.US digs a canal throught panama.
2.Secretary of state purchase Alaska from Russia.
3.Allowed Puerto Rico to set up civil government.
5.Serious of supreme court cases about the government.
6.Last ruler of Hawaii "Hawaii is for the Hawaiians"
8.Send by John Hay.
10.Modern Navy
12.Mark Twain Most popular against US taking country.
14.Share equally with China.
15.Act as Friends.
17.Japan treaties got from Matthew Perry from the ship color.
18.From by Teddy Roosevelt, First from group.
19.Influence the sea of power upon history Strong navy Strong Country.
20.Group of young Chinese patriotic.
24.Secretary of state. Wrote each leader a note saying we should share China.
25.Sailed his navy to Tokyo Bay.

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