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Goal Three Review

Nicholas Plowman

1 2 3
4   5    
6 7                        
11                 12                  
      13     14      
15               16
  18                       19
  24           25                              

7.Letter sent to ask the countries already in China if they would share
8.Senator of the State that created the Open Door Policy
9.Gave America the last remaining places of the Spanish empire
11.Hawaii is for the Hawaiins
17.Racist men with a belligerent policy
18.US warship that exploded in Cuba that was pinned on the Spanish
21.Rebellion by young Chinese warriors to push Europe and the US out
22."Cuba Libre" the author of the poem
23.Author of The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
24.was at first called Seward's Folly
25.The name given to the forced treaties by the Japanese
26.Author of the Frontier Thesis
27.Type of base that America was looking for land for overseas
1.Gas station of the pacific
2.Painted his ships black to look menacing to the Japanese
3.Methodist Preacher
4.US is not allowed to annex Cuba
5.series of supreme court cases about Puerto Rico
6.one of the yellow journalism men that now has an award named after him
10.Theodore Roosevelt's group that was also known as the RoughRiders
12.The point in Cuba that Theodore Roosevelt and his men took over
13.Queen of Hawaii
14.US can intervene in Cuba anytime we want
15.rebel leader that used guerilla warfare
16.Policy created by senator John Hay
19.letters that spoke bad of president Mckinley
20.allows Puerto Rico to create a civil government

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