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Johnny Tremain Chapter 11

Jennifer Melvin

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1.What General Gage was doing during the Lexington attack
6.covered in feathers (2 Words)
9.what Johnny was to call Lavinia (2 Words)
14.cried on Johnny's shoulders
17.she kissed Johnny
18.metaphor for the line of British troops waiting to back up Colonel Smith's brigade (2 Words)
20.church bell's nick name (2 Words)
22.were moving to London until the insurrection was over
23.number of British at Lexington (2 Words)
24.principal leaders of the rebellion who were left in Boston
25.what Isannah would be trained to be
2.what Johnny got at the Lyte's house from under Cilla's bed (2 Words)
3.Latour's family rejected Johnny's father because they said she was a ______.
4.what Isannah would be to Lavinia in London
5.what Johnny thought the British looked like running down Cambridge Road from his viewpoint on Beacon Hill (2 Words)
7.Johnny's father's religion
8.mocking song of the British (2 Words)
10.made Johnny feel bigger than he was
11.hair line feature Johnny shared with his mother (2 Words)
12.thrown in jail for hanging the lanterns (2 Words)
13.he strutted like a bantam cock (2 Words)
15.the commander sent to back up Smith's forces (2 Words)
16.what the British did after Lexington
19.the new coachman at the Lyte's property (2 Words)
21.number of Minute Men at Lexington

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