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Vocabulary Unit 10

  6     7
8             9      
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4.a member of the ruling class; a person of high rank
5.to kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire; to destroy or renounce for the sake of another
8.highly elaborate or ornate; vividly colored; strikingly brilliant
12.the contact or means of communication between groups
15.to redirect the energy of a biological or instinctive impulse into a higher or more acceptable channel
17.to act as judge in a matter; to settle through the use of a judge or legal tribunal
18.a total rejection of existing laws; extreme radicalism
19.extremely slight; incapable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
1.to make someone or something favorable inclined toward oneself
2.derived from, dependent upon, or guided by practical experience, observation, or experiment
3.keenness of insight; quickness or accuracy of judgment
6.characterized by massiveness, solidness, and total uniformity
7.offensively insincere or excessive; disgusting, sickening
9.of doubtful or questionable authenticity
10.a chronological misplacing of events, objects, customs, or persons in regard to each other
11.to hide or disguise one’s true thoughts, feelings, or intentions
13.a difference or inequality in age, rank, degree, amount
14.a uniformed male servant; a servile follower
16.thus so; intentionally written so

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