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Gold First Phrasal Verbs units 1-6

Miss Jessica

This is a review of literal and idiomatic phrasal verbs from units 1- 6 in Gold First First Certificate preparation book.

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1.They say never __ a stranger knocking at your door because he could be an angel in disguise. (2 Words)
2.Not everyone can __ in show business. (2 Words)
4.When my back went out I __ swimming, and it's really helped with recovery. (2 Words)
7.I used to like Quentin Tarantino movies but the last one was horrible. It really __ me __. (2 Words)
8.Nothing ever __ like you plan. (2 Words)
9.__ what you said about my mother! (2 Words)
10.He just __ out of nowhere! (2 Words)
14.Rajoy __ the presidency when Zapatero left office. (2 Words)
15.The restaurant __ us __ because we weren't wearing formal attire. (2 Words)
17.I had my __ the ferrari, but I couldn't afford it so I bought the VW instead. (3 Words)
1.Well, I didn't like the jeans so I __ them __ to the store. (2 Words)
3.We were afraid the baby had gotten into the trash but as it __ it was the dog. (2 Words)
5.Don't be fooled. He seems really friendly but at any moment he could __ you. (2 Words)
6.I've finally got my house __. It's nice to know where everything is. (2 Words)
7.His business __ after he ran the advert in the paper. (2 Words)
8.I never __ a free meal! (2 Words)
11.Don't worry, we'll __ this problem __ together. (2 Words)
12.I've got to __ him before the children get too attached. (3 Words)
13.He __ his father, who was also really artistic. (2 Words)
14.I asked Julie out on Friday night but she __ me __. (2 Words)
16.I really __ Batman for his strength and intelligence. (3 Words)

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