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Red Book--Chapter 6


______/32 = A B C D F

1   2        
3       4                  
  5           6               7        
9   10     11               12  
        16         17 18        
                20   21
      22                                   23

1.The US, France, Britain, and Italy, the nations taking the most prominent role at the Peace Talks at Versailles (2 Words)
3.Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire (2 Words)
5.Legislation used to institute conscription of men for military service in WWI (3 Words)
8.a feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries
11.rapid fire device used extensively in WWI as a tool in repelling troops in Trench Warfare (2 Words)
13.Idea that if the Allies looked to punish Germany, it would lead to further trouble (3 Words)
17.Group of countries that included the US, Britain, France, Italy, and for a time Russia
19.Heir to the Throne of Austria-Hungary, his assassination in Sarajevo was the catalyst that started World War I (3 Words)
22.Governmental organization that coordinated the activities of US industry to best serve the War Effort (3 Words)
26.the right of the people of a particular place to choose the form of government they will have (2 Words)
29.Conflict that ran from August 1914 until an Armistice was signed on 11 November, 1918 (3 Words)
30.Legislation passed that curtailed Civil liberties of American Citizens during the War (4 Words)
31.Armored military vehicles first used by the British in the First World War.
32.Military Methodology used in WWI. German and French/British Troops dug miles of connected 10 foot trenches from which they mounted offensives. (2 Words)
2.Supreme Commander—American Expeditionary Forces in World War I (4 Words)
4.Peasant uprising in November 1917 that eventually saw the Czar and his family assassinated and the Bolsheviks come to power. (2 Words)
6.political philosophy that dictates non-involvement in the activities or affairs of other nations
7.Governmental organization created to “sell” the war to the American people (4 Words)
9.Cablegram from the German Foreign Minister (Zimmerman) to the German Embassy in Mexico; It offered Mexico land it had lost in the Mexican American War, if they aided Germany militarily (2 Words)
10.Document created to spell out terms of German surrender and to end WWI, seen as the leading cause of WWII (3 Words)
12.German Naval Submarines
14.generalized nickname given to American troops serving in World War I
15.the opinions or actions of people who believe that a country should use military methods, forces, etc., to gain power and to achieve its goals
16.Hand held explosive devices first seeing widespread use in WWI (2 Words)
18.political organization established by the Allied powers at end of World War I; replaced by United Nations 1946 (3 Words)
20.Socialist political party that was headed by Vladimir I. Lenin
21.President Woodrow Wilson’s plan to make the world safe for democracy (2 Words)
23.Alliance between England, France and Russia (2 Words)
24.Phosgene based gas used as a military tool in WWI (2 Words)
25.Passenger ship sunk in 1915 by German U-Boat. Out of 1200 people who died, there were 128 Americans
27.an agreement to cease hostilities
28.a group of people, countries, etc., that are joined together in some activity or effort

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