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Black History Month Literature

Maureen Mulvaney

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2.graduated from Harvard
6.author who didn't speak for five years
7.first black woman to win Pulitzer Prize
8.age at which Douglass began work as a slave
9.the movement to free the slaves
12.wrote the lines, We real cool. We left school
16.1920's and 1930's were known as the Harlem....
21.story by Langston Hughes
22.he wrote a poem in southern slave dialect
23.Trying to change Af.Am. image on TV adn film
24.Month in which we celebrate Black History
29.wanted to be known as a black poet
31.This author was born in 1928
32.He wrote I am a Fool to Love You
33.Scene in the book Invisible Man
34.genre of I Know why the Caged Bird Sings
1.didnt' want to be known as a black poet
3.Wrote the play A Raisin in the Sun
4.founded the NAACP
5.wrote poem about abortion entitled, The Mother
10.book by Raplh Ellison
11.woman who raised Langston Hughes
13.a person who worked in the movement to free slaves
14.Wrote Waiting to Exhale
15.writing the way people talk
17.Song by Bob Dylan about Emmet
19.topic of"Strange Fruit"
20.First Af. Am woman with bestselling non-fiction book
25.wrote and performed "Strange Fruit"
26.it ended in 1865
27.Wrote, Their Eyes were Watching God
28.slave who could read
30.wrote "Red Silk Stockings"

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