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Computer Terminology

Isabella Camilleri 7 Gold

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7.Information is being output on this
8.Data to be entered into a computer for processing
10.To look over the information and output it on the screen
12.A container for storing files
14.A group of 8 bits and is the memory on a computer
15.A device that can generate, receive, transmit or display information that is in numerical form
17.A device for recording sound images and data
22.The meeting point between the user and the computer
24.A device that operates separately from the CPU
26.A group of computers connected together
27.It consists of many different files
28.A modulator that converts computer signals into audio signals
1.The most common operating system for computers
2.Palm sized button operated pointing device
3.The user of the computer
4.It stores data and programs
5.Something which your work is stored when saved
6.Information transmitted from internal to external units
9.An output device that produces a paper copy of alphanumeric and graphical data
11.Audio sound is being output through this
13.A flexible plastic disk used to store data
14.Is the smallest unit a computer can work with
15.A series of straight lines between given points
16.A controller used for video games
18.The ability to place a picture onto the computer
19.Something used to get words onto a screen
20.A large printer used to printer house plans
21.Indicates the use of pictures and colours
23.A permanent memory used to store very important programs that make the computer work
25.A temporary area of memory

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