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Bodiam Castle Crossword

1                 2
4                   5        
7                 8        
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1.Deliberately razing parts of a castle to the ground, so that it cannot be defended again
4.A hole in the floor of a room through which stones etc. can be dropped onto people below (2 words)
5.The raised mound in the centre of many castles
7.The lavatory in a castle!
8.A stretch of water that surrounds a castle
9.A defensive barrier along the top of a wall, behind which soldiers can hide
11.The thick outer-wall of a castle (2 words)
15.A machine in the shape of a bow for heavy missiles
16.The outer part of a castle, with a wall around it
17.A castle with two or more rings of defences (2 words)
19.An eight-sided island platform that forms part of the defensive structure and connects the bridge to the barbican at Bodiam
20.The river that Bodiam was built on
21.A military engine in the form of a huge sling used to hurl stones and heavy missiles
22.Specialist craftsmen who carved and cut stone during Bodiam's construction
1.The builder of Bodiam castle (3 words)
2.A fortified tower
3.An iron-covered wooden gate that can be raised and lowered
6.A medieval engine for throwing stones
7.The focus of every medieval house, where the whole community would eat, and where the business of the state would be conducted (2 words)
10.A bridge, usually made of wood, which could be drawn up during the day or removed like a gate, at night or in times of danger
11.Battlements with openings on top of the wall
12.A small rear entrance to the castle
13.An opening in the floor of a parapet through which lead, stones etc. could be dropped outside the castle wall
14.An outer defence to protect the main gatehouse
16.A chamber, usually close to the kitchen, where beer was kept
18.A prolonged attack on a castle or twon

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