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Concepts and Systems Engineering

Mack McKinney

For Class

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1.Same as One in SOF
2.Touches system or supports someone who does
6.Always list these
8.Same as None in SOF
9.Principles, Stakeholder Matrix and Ops Considerations
10.SE approach started by Shingo/Toyota
11.Build CONOPS for this instead of the technology
15.Pieces of a system and how they interrelate
17.Collection of crucial design principles
19.Type of thinking stifled by critical thinkers
20.Story in present tense
22.Doobie Brother working for Missile Defense Agency
1.Don't mix this and people in an OPCON
3.OCD on one page (think Star Trek)
4.Continuous Improvement
5.Think Like Another
7.Stand-in for current user
12.Who is smarter than all of us together
13.Manipulates Controls
14.Last step in CONOPS building
16.Always built before CONOPS
18.Brit UAV with problems
21.Allen Davis Book

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