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Key Terms--Chapter 7

Dr. Reimer

____/37 A B C D F

1                             2       3
5 6                             7
9   10                    
11                     12          
    14       15  
    16                           17        
    19   20                        
21             22  
24     25   26                   27        
28         29                            
    30                   31      
32                         33    

1.Theory that a person should be able to and should take car of their own problems (2 Words)
4.F.D. Roosevelt’s collective name for the government programs and legislation he called for (2 Words)
5.29th President of the United States (3 Words)
8.series of storms that hit the Midwest that caused enormous clouds of dust to be created by high winds (2 Words)
10.A structure of government in which the state, rather than private citizens or businesses own all the property
11.creating or producing too much of an item that causes the price to fall
16.two Italian immigrants believed to be anarchists who were accused of murder. (3 Words)
18.A rise of activity among African American Writers, Painters, dancers, and musicians who gained an audience in both African American and white society (2 Words)
20.mode of entertainment that boomed in the 1920’s (2 Words)
23.Religious belief that the Bible is the true word of God and cannot be incorrect or have contradictions or errors
26.Professional Baseball, College Football, and Boxing became popular means of entertainment (2 Words)
28.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, country that was formed by the Bolsheviks out of the old Russian Empire
29.Bootleggers and Criminals who sold alcohol (2 Words)
30.purchasing stock with a small down payment, in the hope that the value raises enough to cover the balance (3 Words)
32.The increased use of machinery for production
34.Team of Scholars and experts that F. D. Roosevelt brought to Washington to advise him in his administration (2 Words)
35.Trial that took place in Dayton Tennessee that pitted Darwin’s Theory of Evolution against biblical creation (2 Words)
36.Former Governor and US senator from Louisiana, harsh critic of the New Deal (3 Words)
37.makeshift villages made of tarpaper and used wood shacks
2.belief that government has no place in the regulation of the economy (2 Words)
3.Fear of a communist revolution arising in the US (2 Words)
6.mode of transportation that were used for transportation and mail service in the 1920’s
7.October 29, 1929, The day the Stock Market Crashed (2 Words)
9.sociopolitical; philosophy which advocates workers rising up to assume power and owning all property collectively
12.allowed consumers to take an item after making a down payment then paying it out over time (2 Words)
13.radio addresses made by FDR to the American public (2 Words)
14.Vice President to Harding, became President upon Harding’s (2 Words)
15.Government provided sense of economic security (2 Words)
17.Group of American writers who felt lost in a society of greed and moral corruption (3 Words)
19.making a high risk investment in the hopes of a large enough return to cover the expense
21.White Supremist organization that saw increased popularity in the 1920’s (3 Words)
22.Young Women of the 1920’s who challenged the traditional roles that society wanted them to take
24.the means by which installment purchasing was made (2 Words)
25.Head of Food Administration in WWI, Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge, and 31st President of the US (2 Words)
27.The Volstead Act; which enforced the 18th Amendment against the production, transportation, and sale of Alcoholic beverages
31.Important medium for entertainment and communication in the 1920’s
33.What Roosevelt hoped to provide, Relief, Recovery, and Reform (2 Words)

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