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Ultimate Mythology

Arsany Makkar

...challenging everything from ancient mythology to life.

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2.What is 2014 in Roman numerals?
5.This king willed his kingdom of Pergamum to Rome in 133 B.C.
8.What English adjective, deriving from the Latin for "almost last," refers ti the next to the last item in a series?
12.The "History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" is a book of history written by English historian ______ ______. (Two words). (2 Words)
13.Who was the famous woman loved by Catullus?
14."No man is killing me," or "Nobody is killing me!"
15.What goddess inevitable led to the Trojan War due to throwing a golden apple into a wedding feast?
16.1948, the year of the Summer Olympics hosted by London, is what in Roman numerals? (3 Words)
18.Plautus was to comedy as Livy was to _______
20.Destroying Herculaneum and Pompeii, this mountain erupted in AD 79 and was documented by Pliny the Younger.
24.On what hill would a Roman general's triumphal procession typically end with a sacrifice in the temple of Jupiter?
26.What Latin word means "to have fought?"
28.What was Vergil's first work called?
29.What is the traditional year associated with the founding of Rome (in B.C.)
30.What Roman poet was famous for his short and witty poems that gave rise to the literary from known as epigrams?
31.How many miles are "decem mīlia pasuum."
32.Who was the Muse associated with History?
33.What Roman general exclaimed "Alea iacta est?" (3 words in Latin)
35.Who was the Muse associated with Epic Poetry?
39.The Latin term for "beautiful"
40.What Roman senator ended every speech before the Third Punic War with "Carthago delenda est"? (3 Words)
41.The first principal part of the word derived from "agent."
42.Another name for Polydeuces
43.How many labors did Hercules have to complete?
44.Son of Heracles and Auge
45.The Latin term for "to walk"
46.What ancient philosopher proposed that water was the basic element of all things?
47.The name of the horse endowed with speech born from Poseidon and Demeter
48.The generic name of the twin brothers Castor and Polydeuces
49.An ad hominem attack is a ________ attack.
1.The legendary second king of Rome (2 Words)
3.The most ancient slave revolt was led by what Greek soldier?
4.What is the unabbreviated form of "cf." in Latin that means "compared to."
5.What was the capital of Roman Egypt?
6.Tarquinius Superbus led the Romans to victory over the Latin League at Lake ________
7.Who was the Muse associated with Comedy?
9."Flāvia flūmen flētuum fūdit" is an example of what figurative speech?
10.What was Vergil's last and most known work called? (Do not include "the.")
11.Augustus's motto, an oxymoron, is what in Latin? (2 words) (2 Words)
17.What is the Latin term to mean "since the founding of Rome?" (in Latin). (3 Words)
18.Hermes loved this Athenian maiden.
19.Forced to roll a huge stone up a hill only to have it roll back down as he approached the top, this English adjective is derived from the Greek king cursed in the Underworld.
21.What Latin term means "of a certain kind?"
22.How many months was a dictator supposed to rule?
23.The opposite of the 'ABBA' order is the 'ABAB' order. This 'ABAB' order is called a __________
25.The story of Pyramus and Thisbe was written by ____
27.This Greek playwright wrote "Antigone" and "Oedipus Rex"
32.A ________ is a figure of speech that follows a 'ABBA' order.
34.This case is used for places such as countries and cities to denote motion towards or away from.
36.Marcus Agrippa commissioned this very famous temple.
37.This woman was seduced by Zeus as a bull
38.Caesar defeated Pompey at the Battle of _________

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