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Mr . V

All those things associated with running e.g. different sports events, techniques, people etc

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3.A type of running race where batons are exchanged.
4.A fast running race.
8.Also known as 'parkour' this running involves jumping, dropping rolling etc.
11.A race where runners must go over set jumps.
12.This sport requires competitor to run and launch themselves sideways over a bar.
13.A light training run.
1.A running event that takes place over a long distance involving hills and other obstacles to get over.
2.The surname of the famous New Zealand runner closely associated with the LA marathon with the first name of 'Rod'.
5.This sports requires a quick run up and the placement of a long pole to jump with.
6.A long endurance race requiring lots of determination and stamina.
7.A sport requiring the competitor to sprint then jump across a sandpit.
9.A exercise that can involve precise timed running on the spot over a rope.
10.A race where legs are tied together is called a legged race.
13.A famous New Zealand 1500m runner who won gold in the 1976 Olympic gameswith the surname 'Walker'.

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