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schiz 2

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1.poverty of thought
3.unconscious interruption in train of thought.
7.______delusions. false belief that the body is chnaging in an unusual way
9.false fixed beliefs that can't be corrected by reasoning.
10.______obedience. Catatonic pt does all simple commands in a robot like way
12.active version is when pt does opposite of what they are told to do
14.non specific feeling that a person has lost their identity. Self is different/unreal
16.hallucinations, delusions, bizarre behavior, formal thought disorder and speech patterns
19.false perception that the environment has changed
20.________hallucinations. More common in people with organic disorders
2.Thinking is haphazard
4.words rhyme but there is no meaning.
5._____ behaviors. impulse control is gone, they do socially inappropriate things
6.indirect speech with countless details and explanations
11.passive version is when pt don't do things that are normally expected. (get out of bed, etc)
13.______behaviors. Motor patterns that had meaning but now are mechanical and lack purpose
15.observable behavior that expresses emotions
17.these symptoms associated with insidious onset interfere with adjustment and ability to survive
18.The best doctor who ever.

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