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NUR 270 Final Review Winter 2014

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1.The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are accessory organs of this system
3.Monitoring the patient and their documents is the responsibilty of which nurse during surgery
6.Anti inflammatory meds are given to control this
11.This will increase patients risk for death, stroke, and heart failure
13.A patient should remain flat is they have this type of anesthetic
14.Cognition should be monitored in patients with this(abbreviation)
15.Surgery is done without informed consent when to save what
18.A 2-3 weeks throat infection of group A strep can lead to this
20.A patient is unable to cough if this is in (2 Words)
23.Inadequate nutrition and decreased saliva production puts you patient at risk for these (2 Words)
25.Bowel obstructions should be operated when
26.These must be obtained by the physician, given freely, and witnessed prior to surgery (2 Words)
27.Tachycardia is a early sign of this risk of surgery (2 Words)
28.Infection is a complicaltion during this period of surgery
2.To be discharged from the PACU the patient needs to have stable what (2 Words)
4.Hoarseness is an early sign of this (2 Words)
5.Before a surgical procedure is when you should do this
7.Shortness of breath should be monitored following this
8.Bulging eyes are a sign of this disorder (2 Words)
9.Verifing completion of preoperative testing is done at this time (2 Words)
10.Diminished reflexes are a sign of what electrolyte decrease
12.Intubation would be done in a patient with this (2 Words)
16.These will improve circulation and blood clots after surgery (2 Words)
17.This tube can be a risk for a sinus infection
19.Blood in stool should be reported to physician after this procedure (2 Words)
21.A venturi mask is used to give this type of oxygen (2 Words)
22.Reglan is used to promote gastric
24.Allergies are part of this system

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