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Extending Mendelian Inheritance

Mrs. Roberts

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  6                       7
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3.a trait that is coded for on one of the sex chromosomes; occurs most often on the X chromosome
4.symbol that represents an affected female on a pedigree
6.a carrier or hybrid genotype that consist of different alleles
10.symbol that represents an affected male on a pedigree
13.a chart or diagram of phenotypes and genotypes that tracks how a trait is passed from one generation to another in a family using symbols and shading
14.when both alleles are equally expressed in the heterozygous organism
17.a map or diagram that shows the relative location of genes on a chromosome
18.when neither the allele is dominant nor recessive and the heterozygous organism looks like a blending of the parents phenotypes
19.a trait that is controlled by 2 or more genes
21.how a carrier is illustrated on a pedigree
24.A fatal genetic disorder that is caused by a dominant allele on one of the autosomes which results in death by middle age
25.Syndrome that results in a female only having one X instead of 2
26.a gene on one of the sex chromosomes
1.a process that occurs in females where one of the X's is randomly turned off in each cell.
2.autosomal recessive disorder seen most often in african ancestory that causes some red blood cells to be mishapened
5.the combination of alleles; represented by letters
7.an individual organism that is carrying a recessive allele for a trait or disorder but does not express the phenotype
8.A fatal genetic disease that is seen most often in Jewish ancestory and results in the inability of an individual to break down lipids and causes central nervous system deterioration
9.the failure of chromosomes to separate during meiosis and causes gametes to either have too many or too few chromosomes
11.an image or micrograph of all the chromosomes in a cell
12.Sex linked syndrome that is caused by nondisjunction of the the 23rd pair and results in the chromosomes XXY
15.a type of inheritance that is a result of more than 2 alleles controlling the expression of a trait on a single gene; blood type is an example
16.the purebred genotype
20.the appearance of a trait; how it looks
22.symbol that represents a male on pedigrees
23.symbol that represents a female on pedigrees

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