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Poetry Vocabulary, Authors, Genres & Poem Titles

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1.Ships sailing
2.I jumped into the water with a “Splash”
9.Only after do I tell my poem.
11.Choose your words correctly
12.Two lines that rhyme.
16.To whom the poem is written
19.Shakespeare or Petrarch wrote me.
20.Hey y’all (or you all).
22.Fly with me and my poem!
23.The whiskey on your breath
24.The Greeks use me to "make" things.
25.We will bare the bear
27.On four feet we're at end of it
31.Four line stanza.
32.I live beside the white chickens.
34.Sans Wine Sans Song Sans Singer
36.These two lovers, what fun they had!
37.Seven silly serpents
40.In a garden, a field, or nature is my homes
42.I wish I was in the desert.
43.Beautiful like a summer's day
44.Which road did you take? I took the less traveled road.
45.The crown rules the people
48.Walking, my eyes go ahead of me.
49.Poetry, I will write about you (when I wake up).
50.I am a beautiful song.
1.Up, down, left, right, memory, forgetfulness
3.Death, where have you been?
4.We walk with five feet when smiling we meet
5.I write to remember friends who have died.
6.I, II, III, IV, V, VI
7.Of arms and the man, I sing. || Who first from the shores of Troy
8.If you die, they will sing me.
12.Grass in heaven.
13.The continuation of the sentence beyond the end of a line of verse or the end of a couplet.
14.The wind screamed coming closer to me.
15.I wrote of Daffodils, while dreaming on my couch.
17.Michelangelo painted a picture, I described it in words.
18.Hey! Hey! Hey!
21.I say what I do not mean
26.A poem in story form.
28.attitude, or atmosphere of poem created by the word choice: sad, happy, loving, ironic, bitter, pitying, fanciful, solemn
29.You are my bed of nails
30.Dancing with my dad is dangerous.
33.Three lines that rhyme.
35.to say the opposite.
37.Love stood waiting, holding my future in her hands.
38.I wish someone would have seen me before I drowned.
39."I" can be anyone, anything, anywhere. But, "I" am usually "me."
41.to say the same thing with different words.
46.a central idea or topic of the poem.
47.Do you love sleep? I sure do.

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