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Aviation Security Measures

Jason Sears

Systems in place within aviation to ensure that flights are safe...

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1.These techniques are used to try and diffuse a situation...
4.Cabin Crew will receive weeks worth of this prior to becoming operational...
7.This type of search concentrates on the aircraft itself and not the cabin... (2 Words)
9.This limits who can enter the aircraft. Only staff with a valid ID or pax with a boarding card will be allowed to board the aircraft... (2 Words)
2.Cabin Crew will undertake these thoroughly before the first flight of the day and then regularly throughout their flying duty.... (3 Words)
3.These may be on board an aircraft but will not introduce themselves to Cabin Crew... (2 Words)
5.There are procedures in place that limit entry to this part of the aircraft... (3 Words)
6.This is completed by the SCA when all pax are boarded...
8.If a pax is drunk (and/or disruptive) at the departure gate, this may happen to them... (2 Words)

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