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SE Asia Geography Review

Coach Key

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5.Buddha means the _______________ ______________.
9.A mix of mountains and river valleys and mild temperatures best describes this nations geography and climate.
14.What is the best way to describe the geography and climate of N. Korea?
15.The Book of Knowledge includes the ___________, which are complicated rituals and hymns.
16.The worship of ___________ has led the Japanese to perfect the art of creating small, beautiful gardens, area of quiet and reflection in their crowded world.
18.The Ganges river flows into which sea? (3 words)
21.Buddhism founded in the500s B.C. by _____________ ______________.
24.The belief that one should treat others as they woudl want to be treated is known as ____________ ______________ _____________.
25.divine spirits that Shinto followers believe live in nature.
26.Began in modern day Saudi Arabia
27.Hinduism is based on the religious practices of __________ _______
28.The earliest religion of Japan was ______________, which literally means the "way of the gods".
30.A belief that a person's social class is hereditary and does not change throughout his life is called the ___________ __________.
31.Muslims practice what is known as the ___________ ____________ of Islam.
32.After achieving enlightenment, the prince became know as the ____________.
34.Which is one of the most common industrial pollutants found in the Yangtze?
35.____________-____________ power plants have contributed to the air pollution in China.
37.Hinduism was founded in ________ in about 1500 B.C.
41.To achieve Nirvana, a person needs to follow __________ ___________ ___________, which means nothing to extremes.
42.The cycle of death and rebirth continues until the soul reaches a state of _____________, or perfect peace
43.The holy book of Islam is called the _____________.
44.Shinto originated in the country of ______________, and has been practiced there since the 600s B.C.
46.The India government has had a problem reducing air pollution becasue they do not want to slow _____________ growth.
47.The fifth and lowest caste are the ______________.
48.The bodies of dead animals, as well as the ashes of human beings, have been placed in the river causing pollution.
1.Confucianism originated in ______________ in the 500s B.C.
2.is the cycle of a soul's rebirth into a new physical body after a person's death
3.The leading cause of death in China, diseases. (3 words)
4.The climate of India is affected by seasonal winds called?
5.The __________ ____________ represents eight rules for conduct.
6.Confucianism is not a religion but a _________________.
7.To Hindus, _____________ is seen as the Supreme Spirit
8.Buddha taught that were ____________ _____________ __________ in life.
10.Acid rain is dangerous to the environment because it can harm (3 words)
11.Many historians see _________________ as one of the foundations of Chinese society.
12.Buddha believed that _______________ was the key to evrything.
13.Today, Hinduism can be found primarily in _______________.
17.It was founded by ______________ in the seventh century A.D.
19.Today, ______________ can be found primarily in Southern and Eastern Asia.
20.is one of the world's oldest religions
22.This river flows into the East China Sea.
23.Today, ______________ can be sound primarily in China.
29.The rapidly growing population, heavy industry, and thousands of automobiles have caused this to increase in India. (2 Words)
32.Into which country does the Ganges River flow after it leaves India?
33.The belief that one's actions determine one's fate is called __________.
36.Coal is an example of what type of resource.
38.The oxygen levels in the water go down and fish die to to the rapid growth of _____________ in the Yangtze River.
39.Hot and dry, mild and temperate, rainy and subtropical all describe the climate of the nation.
40.Confucius believed relationships should be based on ______________.
45.Many people use this river for transportation as well as a water supply. Religous rituals are also carried out here.

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