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The Final Exam Vocabulary Words - Grade 8

Waleed Snoussi

Revise your voabulary.

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        8 9
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1.becoming angry very easily , easily irritable
3.making you feel unhappy and anxious
6.a liquid that is used on wood or metal to give it a hard shiny surface
7.the act of hiding or being hidden
10.empty of, lacking something (2 Words)
12.a sign of what is going to happen in the future
14.to agree to do something that you do not want to do (2 Words)
15.The loud noise produced by knocking hard objects together
18.small flat pieces of wood or brick that are used to cover a wall or roof of a building
24.the area around a particular place
26.to move something into a position with one side higher than the other (2 Words)
27.a plant whose leaves, flowers or seeds are used mainly in medicines.
28.feeling sick or unhappy
1.rude, impolite, cheeky
2.the plural of an insect at the stage when it has just come out of an egg and looks like a short fat worm
4.being cut in the skin or in the flesh with something sharp
5.a decrease in something
7.make or create something skillfully
8.to make a solid become part of a liquid
9.to walk with an effort through something , especially water or mud
11.a person who has escaped or is running away from someone and is trying to avoid being caught
13.very tiredly
16.to run with quick short steps
17.long thick pieces of wood or metal that are used to support a floor or ceiling in a building
18.that makes somebody unable to breathe, because it is too hot or because there is no fresh air
19.determined not to change your opinion or attitude
20.to hit your foot against something while you are walking or running and almost fall
22.a long channel dug at the side of a field or road, to hold or take away water
25.to speak angrily to somebody

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