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Supernatural Episode 1.09

by Holliewood Hollie

Names, Words & Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.09 - Home

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2.Who lost his arm in the garbage disposal?
6.Sam & Dean's home state
7.Dean reading off some possible jobs, a Sacramento man shot himself in the head how many times?
11.Sam & Dean's home town
12.What is Sam drawing on the note pad in the motel room?
13.What type of animal is the toy with the cymbals in the kitchen?
14.Scratching, flickering lights, both signs of what kind of spirit
15.What kind of dirt is used in the bags they made to put in the walls of the house?
17.What does Jenny put in front of Sari's closet door?
18.Ritchie is a ____ junkie.
19.Sari's room, MISSOURI: This used to be your _____, Sam
1.Who was a goofy looking kid according to Missouri?
3.Where John went and learned the truth
4.Who was at Missouri's house when she returned?
5.Ritchie mysteriously get locked in what?
8.Name of auto shop that Sam & Dean visits where their dad used to work.
9.What Sam uses to put the hole in the wall
10.If Dean put his foot on the coffee table Missouri was going whack him with what?
14.Who was the firey figure?
16.What does Missouri call Dean for using an EMF detector?

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