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Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Jamie Piscitello

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4.Runs the reality principle; If you want it you have to wait or work for it
6.____________ are characteristics that are the most prevalent in one's personality (2 Words)
10.Switching theories to explain something, or building off of another theory to make ones own
12.Four fluids (blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile) that control one's personality, according to an ancient theory
13.Runs pleasure principle; what you want, when you want it
14.________ is the driving force of personality
15.Runs morality principle; allows one to think through if something is good or not
16._____________ is learning by watching others behaviors (2 Words)
17.Freud's theory that explains personality (2 Words)
18.Theorists who disagree with some of what Freud came to conclusion with, and used them to make their own therories (2 Words)
19.According to Karen Horney ___________ is a sense of loneliness and having trouble with certainty (2 Words)
20.An unconscious process that gets rid of thoughts and feelings from memory and awareness
1.A personality label what indicates an individual who is outgoing
2.Freud's idea that a the female has a condition where they want a penis, which results in their attraction to males (2 Words)
3.A test where the participant must describe what they see in 10 inkblots on paper (3 Words)
5.There are three types of _______, and they are personality characteristics that affect our thoughts and behaviors
7.Karen Horney came up with 10 _________ that can be played in neurotic ways (2 Words)
8.The way that one acts is dependent upon personal power (3 Words)
9.Important groups of traits that are found in the same pattern in many people
11.A personality label that indicates an individual who is quiet and and reserved

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