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Unit 4 DPM Benchmark Review

T. Richards

This crossword combines the reviews for Unit 4. These concepts are on your District Test and need to be studies carefully.

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30   31                          

8.__________________ in Africa have intensified civil wars there, led to misuse of funds by corrupted leaders, and resulted in human rights abuses and loss of life.
10.__________________is a problem in the Middle East peace talks because the city is sacred to both Jews and Muslims.
11.Both the Jews and Arabs consider Palestine to be their promised home land and this is the major stumbling block in the ________________________________. (3 Words)
13.The opening of the Suez Canal made travel easier and increased _________.
16._____________________ colonization of Africa influenced the religion, language and slave trade in Africa.
18.A major reason for conflict in Africa is that the ________________________ found in Africa are valuable. (2 Words)
21.Oil is so important to the world because it is a major source of _____________.
22.The Middle East must ______________ crops because of its lack of water and arable land.
24.Some solutions for _________________________ include replanting of trees, crop rotation, and irrigation.
25.The belief in one _______ is a characteristic of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
26.Animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. Examples black rhinos, mountain gorillas, bald eagles... (2 Words)
28.An oil ___________ on the United States would cause the price of oil to increase.
31.Nelson Mandela influenced the history of South Africa by leading a peaceful ____________________ movement.
32.After many years of European rule ________________ nations gained their independence in 1994.
33.After the United Nations separated Palestine into two states, a Jewish state and an Arab nation, Jewish leaders accepted the plan but Arab leaders did not accept it so this resulted in _________________ between the Jews and Palestinians.
1.The official policy of racial segregation in South Africa was called ___________________.
2._________________________ is when countries export and import from each other for their various needs (2 Words)
3.___________________ is the culture trait that most influences people in the Middle East.
4.resources that can be replenished within 25 years or less. (trees, plants...) (2 Words)
5.resources that can NOT be replenished within one lifetime (oil, petroleum products...) (2 Words)
6.The __________________________ was a war raged by the United States and its allies against Iraq in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. (3 Words)
7.Low life expectancy and literacy rates along with high infant mortality rates can be attributed to poor ______ & ______. (3 Words)
9.The _____________ is a transportation corridor that connects the Mediterranean and Red Sea. (2 Words)
11.An advantage of the Aswan dam is that Egypt’s food production has ____________________.
12.The main purpose of the building of the Aswan dam was to __________________ of the Nile River. (2 Words)
14.Revolutions, demonstrations, and protests that started in December 2010 in the Middle East and N. Africa is called the ________________________. (2 Words)
15.A negative effect of the Aswan dam is that farmers have to import large quantities of ______________ to enrich the soil.
17.Population density is the amount of people per square mile which tells you how _____________ a country is.
19.A weak economy and low per capita income would lead to a low ________________. (3 Words)
20.The _____________ creates a fertile valley across the desert of Egypt and it is where most Egyptians live by. (2 Words)
23.The 5 pillars are followed by the Religion of __________________.
27.The building of the _________ has had a positive impact on the economy of Egypt. (2 Words)
29.The primary purpose of OPEC is to control the amount of oil exported and the _____.
30.Saudi Arabia was a poor country before _______ was discovered which made it rich.

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