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specific bold faced words of the rainforest

1 2           3 4
    9       10    
    12             13
14             15        

2.it is an arachnid
6.it is when you go out into the wild and you have fun
7.A type of flower that lives in the rainforest that starts with o
8.colorful giant fly
9.it is a type of mammal that has feet and fingers
12.it is when you live in the wild
14.something that the army wheres in battle
1.it is a type of buffaloe
3.it is a group of different types of living things
4.it is a type of air pressure after it rains
5.it is a type of tree that animals eat
10.it is when it is your birthday and you get hyper
11.it is weather for the season
13.it is an an amphibian
15.it is a type of river that dolphins live in

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