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1.means that evidence seized in an unlawful search cannot be used at trial
3.having reasonable belief that a specific person has committed a crime
8.means the police will be less likely to violate a citizen's rights if they know that illegally seized evidence will be thrown out of court
9.money or property put up by the accused to allow release from jail before trial
11.the inappropriate use of race as a factor in identifying people who may have broken the law
12.a sworn statement of facts and circumstances that provides probable cause to believe that a search is justified
13.a court session at which a defendant is charged and enters a plea
14.a plea in which the defendant does not admit guilt but also does not contest the charges
15.the formal process of making a police record of the arrest
2.belief that the individual is involved in criminal activity (based on less evidence)
4.court order commanding that the person named in it be taken into custody
5.a court order obtained by a judge who is convinced that there is a genuine need to search a person or place
6.in exchange for the defendant agreeing to plead guilty, the prosecutor agrees to charge the defendant with a less serious crime
7.a formal request that a court make a ruling or take some other action
10.takes place when a person suspected of a crime is taken into custody

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