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Section 3 vocabulary Quiz 2

Mr. Derrell

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5.the Book of Psalms of the Old Testament, which contains 150 Psalms
6.a literary technique that uses human characteristics to describe nonhuman realities
7.hymns or songs of prayer to God that express praise, thanksgiving, or lament
8.a prayer of acknowledgment that God is God, giving God glory not for what he does, but simply he is
9.a Hebrew word for Ecclesiastes, meaning preacher or one who convokes an assembly
10.a Hebrew word meaning "God is with us"
1.poetic song lyrics written to honor God
2.the Jewish belief and expectation that a messiah would come to protect, unite, and lead Israel to freedom
3.a Psalm that conveys mourning and petitioning of God in times of need
4.a prayer of gratitude for the gift of life and the gifts of life

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