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2nd Sunday of Lent

Catholics United for the Faith

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1."Bear your share of _____ for the gospel"
4.Today we hear from this first book.
7.Moses gave the ___ to the Israelites.
9."Our soul waits for the LORD, who is our help and our _____." Ps 33
10.Jesus "was _________ before them;"
13."The theological virtue by which we desire eternal life in heaven, and trust that God will give us the grace to attain it.
14."I will make of you a great ______,"
16.The LORD told this man to leave his father's house.
18.This man wanted to make three tents.
19."This is my beloved ___, with whom I am well pleased:"
20."See, the eyes of the LORD are upon those who ____ him," Ps 33
1."He saved us and called us to a ____ life"
2."Do not tell the vision to anyone until the ___ __ ___ has been raised from the dead." (three words)
3.Peter, ______ and John went with Jesus by themselves.
5.Jesus' face "shone like the ___"
6.The voice from the cloud said of Jesus, "_____ to him."
8.Today's gospel recounts what happened on one of these.
10.We hear from a letter to this man today.
11.St. Paul writes of "our _____ Christ Jesus who destroyed death"
12.Jesus spoke with ____ and Elijah who appeared to them.
15.St. Paul tells us we are saved by "the _____ bestowed on us in Christ Jesus"
17."I will _____ those who bless you"

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