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All Vocabulary from Section 3

Mr. Derrell

1 2 3
    4                 5 6
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4.a message communicated by prophets on behalf of God
8.a government or a state headed by a single person
9.the eleven men and women who served the Hebrew people
11.a Psalm that conveys mourning and petitioning of God in times of need
12.a title officially bestowed by the Church on those saints who are highly esteemed for their theological writings
13.the belief and epectation that a messiah would come
16.the prophetic term for the samll portion of people who will be saved because of their faithfulness to God
19.the time before the invention of writing and recording of historical data
21.profession of faith
24.a ruler of ancient Egypt
25.preacher or one who convokes an assembly
28.a Hebrew word meaning God is with us
29.a number of peoples of the ancient Near East
31.a phrase that traces Jesus' lineage to Jesse's son King David
32.established with the Israelites that renewed God's covenant with Abraham's descendants
33.breadlike substance
34.the night the Lord passed over the houses marked with the blood of a lamb
1.a nation ruled by God
2.the pillaging of Judah and the destruction of the Temple and the city of Jerusalem
3.beliefs in many gods and goddesses
4.a literary technique that uses human characteristics to describe nonhuman realities
5.two Canaanite gods of earth and fertility that the Israelites worshipped
6.poetic song lyrics written to honor God
7.a sacred chest that housed the tablets of the Ten Commandments
10.a type of leadership based on humble service to all God's people
14.the land God promised to the children of Abraham
15.faithfulness to obligation, duty, or commitment
17.the most sacred of the Old Testament names for God
18.a prayer of acknowledgment that God is God
20.the list or rules of moral behavior
22.a prayer of gratitude
23.to proclaim or announce a saving message
24.the Book of Psalms of the old Testament which contains 150 Psalms
26.worshipping false gods
27.the region commonly known today as the Middle East
30.hymns or songs of prayer to God

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