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Johnny Tremain Chapter 12

Jennifer Melvin

1 2
4   5                      
    7     8      
9                             10
17         18    

3.To get a ride across to Charlestown, Johnny claimed he had a message for ______. (2 Words)
5.Doctor Warren operated on this. (2 Words)
6.They whistled "Yankee Doodle" for a new reason.
7.They fought so that a man can do this. (2 Words)
9.Where Johnny found Rab in Lexington (2 Words)
11.He was shot through the leg. (2 Words)
13.Johnny told Rab that the British were ______ that they had been licked.
14.Rab asked Johnny to check on these.
16.Six grenadiers surrendered to her and asked for protection.
17.What Rab never got to do.
18.He died
1.He returned from Charlestown in a chaise with his old gun across his knees. (2 Words)
2.He got Rab's musket
3.number of men killed on the Lexington Green
4.They did not fight but went away to hide.
8.A skirmish near Concord took place here. (2 Words)
10.Johnny recognized this and knew where to find Doctor Warren
12.Near the ferry Johnny made himself look like he was ______ to avoid suspicion.
14.In Lexington, they decided to bury the British dead in the lot set aside for whom?
15.Doctor Warren got a lock of this shot away.

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