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1 2
3 4                  
7             8                  
  9 10              
11                 12
  15 16                          
18 19                     20  
  22   23                 24  

4.Who was the astronomer was able to record more accurately the positions of the Planets and Stars.
5.Is the time required for an object to make one complete revolution.
7.It is an attractive force.
8.The number of revolutions completed by the object in a given time.
9.Newton's developed a branch of mathematics.
11._______'s theory of motion. All objects on the earth in the absence of air or other resistance would fall.
13.It is defined as the product of its mass and velocity.
14.An object or body thrown in a curved path given an initial velocity and whose motion is influenced by the pull of gravity.
16.It is the one of the type of curvilinear motion.
17.It is the motion of a body turning about an axis.
19.___________ Acceleration is the acceleration caused by the ___________ force on the object.
23.The path of projectile that is principally determined by two types of motion - vertical and horizontal.
25._________'s theory of motion. The natural motion of objects is their movement when they return to their natural places.
1.Is the motion of a body with a constant acceleration.
2.It is a measure of the gravitational force on an object.
3.2nd Revolution - Revolution Per ______.
6.It is the tilting of curved roadway.
10.It represents the quantity of motion arising from the __________ inertia of a body and its _______ velocity.
12.Made a mathematical analysis in which he considered the sun as the center of the planets.
15.In ___________ motion this resistance of the body to change in its motion is called __________ inertia.
18._______ Acceleration is the time rate of change in _______ Velocity.
20.1st Revolution - Revolution Per ______.
21.3rd Revolution - Revolution Per ____.
22.It was the term used by Newton to indicate the quantity of matter.
24.4th Revolution - Revolution Per ____.

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