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Mythology crossword project

Makenzie Carty

All mythology gods

2 3   4 5
6                 7      
10               11            
  12   13               14
  16 17            
  19       20    

6.Killed travelers with a club
8.Thought he was the most beautifull human ever. Echo feel in love with him.
9.Created wings to fly out of the Labyrinth.
10.Let out all the bad out of a jar but not Hope.
11.He Cut off Medusas head. Danea's son.
12.Prometheus brother. Envied his brother.
16.Eat all his sons except Zeus, he eat a rock instead of Zeus.
18.Married Uranus. Kronos mother.
19.Was cursed by Hera because she lied to her about which way Zues went.
21.Father sky. Married Gea. Was chopped up and was put into the sea.
22.Created everything.
23.The west winds. Eros's messenger
1."Pine binder"
2.Demeters daughter. Eat 6 pomegranate seeds and had to stay with Hades.
3.Got her head chopped off by Perseus. Was cursed by Athena
4.Zeus sister. Goddess of the hearth and home.
5.Messenger of the gods.
7." the innkeeper" chains travelers to a bed.
10.Wife of Eros. Dropped hot wax on Eros.
13.The clever Titan that created all living things.
14.Kicked his victims over a cliff and his pet turtle eat them.
15.Once he could turn everything into gold.
17.Kronos wife, tricked Kronos in eating a rock instead of Zeus.
20.Know as Cupid. Shot himself with a love arrow.

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