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Crossword Puzzle: Russian Revolution Chp. 14

Samantha Leal

*HINT* No spaces between the 2 or 3 words when filling into the puzzle.

1 2 3
    5       6            
  8   9           10      
13                                         14
  17   18                     19    
      21 22            
24         25            

4.A system in which the government made all economic desicions (2 Words)
5.A rare blood disease in which blood fails to clot
7.In March 1921, Lenin launched this (3 Words)
9.He was responsible for the deaths of 8 million to 13 million people; known as "Red Terror"
10.Russia's first parliament
11.An artistic style that praised Soviet life and Communist values (2 Words)
13.The world's longest continuous rail line (2 Words)
15.A campaign of terror against the Communist Party (2 Words)
16.Became Czar in 1894 (2 Words)
17.large, government-owned farms (2 Words)
20.A self-described "holy man"; claimed magical healing powers
22.People who do not think there is a god
23.Determined to strengthen "autocracy, orthodoxy, and nationality" (2 Words)
24.German philosopher that argued the workers of the world would one day overthrow the ruling class and share equality in society's wealth
25.Organized violence against the Jews
1.Lenin's slogan (3 Words)
2.Supported a small number of committed revolutionaries willing to sacrifice everything for radical change
3.A form of government in which a single ruler heads the state and shares authority with elected law makers (2 Words)
6.A temporary government (2 Words)
8.Class of wealthy peasants
12.A government that takes total, centralized state control over every aspect of public and private life
14.Local councils consisting of workers, peasants, and soldiers
18.Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov adopted this name
19.Person in charge of an area of government, such as finance
21.The Czar's most capable minister

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