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Katelynn's Crossword

English terms

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  7                       8
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4.A comparison that makes something not human seem human by attaching human characteristics
5.The way in which lines of poetry sound when read aloud
7.Describes words that imitate thesoud of what they mean
13.Direct quotes from a text that help you to answer questions about the text.
14.The narrator tells the story of other people
17.Repeated sounds in poetry
19.An exaggeration
20.A phrase that has a meaning that is very seperate and different from the words in the phrase
1.Literary device that uses one,usually concrete, thing to stand for another, usually abstract,thing
2.The narrator tells the story
3.Literary device in which the authors write one thing but mean another
6.Groups of words that express a special meaning
8.A literary device that hints at the events coming in a story
9.A statement you will make, answering a focusing question that you will support with evidence
10.What is the reason the author is writing
11.Pattern of rhythm in poetry
12.Time and place a story occurs
15.Literary device that compares two unlike things without using "like" or "as"
16.Compares two very different things using the words"like" or "as"
18.A central idea or ideas in a piece of writing

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