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Mr Froom


1             2
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12               13

1.The word to describe a nucleus that gives out alpha, beta or gamma
4.Isotopes of an element have different numbers of this
6.The unit of radioactive dosage
8.The property of the nucleus that explains why so few alpha particles were reflected by gold foil
11.Another word for alpha, beta or gamma passing through a substance
12.This is what a nucleus does when it emits an alpha, beta or gamma
14.A beta particle
15.The property of the nucleus that explains why the alpha particles were reflected by the nuclei in gold foil
16.All atoms of an element have the same number of this
2.The repulsive force between protons
3.Killing microbes on surgical instruments or food using gamma rays
5.The element whose whose nucleus is an alpha particle
6.The short-range attractive force that holds a nucleus together
7.The name given to an element that emits alpha, beta or gamma
9.Caused by alpha, beta or gamma; when an electron is added to or removed from an atom or molecule
10.AKA reflected: what happened to one in 8000 alpha particles when they were fired at gold foil
13.The name given to a radioactive substance that indicates the movement of fluids inside the human body

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