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Forensic Odontology

Andrew Karinen

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4.Space with in the root where dentin is contained.
6.Region of the tooth above the gum line. One of the densest material in the body.
8."Gum line" helps secure the tooth in place and brings additional blood flow to the root.
12.Region below the crown allowing the tooth to fit in its socket.
13."Adult teeth" third molar becoming less common.
14.Projections off the surface of the crown that create a cutting or tearing surface.
15.Supply specific data for comparison. some measurements for this include crown size, distance between cusps, cusps height , and depth of crown impression.
17.Living tissue of a tooth responsible for the production of enamel.
18.1st step in bite mark analysis wax like material is carefully put on a bite mark and carefully taken off to make a cast of the teeth.
19.Used forensically in investigations of physical force such a assault, rape, and related crimes where tooth impressions have been left.
20.One of the most accurate methods of determining the identity of remains and determining age of remains.
1.Includes fillings, artificial crowns, braces, and bridges each leaving behind special traces in skin.
2.Series of extensions from the neck that anchor the tooth in place.
3.Includes charts, X rays, etc... that can be used for comparison of skeletal remains.
5.Lines the outer surface of the root. produces glue like material that helps anchor the tooth in place.
7.Rarest type of teeth having narrow cone shaped crown.used for tearing food.
9.Largest and most numerous type of teeth. broad flat surfaces. provide grinding and chewing surface.
10.'Baby or milk teeth" eventually pushed from the jaw by adult teeth. 20 total
11.Frontal most teeth.secreted cutting surface which allows for clean cuts in food.
16.Flat surface on the crown with 4 sharp cusps on 4 corners.

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