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The Simple Past or The Past Continuous

Waleed Snoussi

1   2                
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1.Why (you-leave) ______________ early last night? (3 Words)
3.I (read) ______________ a book when I noticed there was a dead spider in between the pages. (2 Words)
4.What (go) _____________to happen if I refused to give him the money? (2 Words)
5.While she (sip) ______________ her coffee, a fly came into her ear. (2 Words)
9.He got into the room, took off his jacket, and (throw) _____________ himself on the bed.
11.When you called me last night, I (try) ______________ to concentrate on my homework. (2 Words)
13.(you-sleep) _____________ when I called you last night? (3 Words)
15.(you - like) ______________ the party? (3 Words)
16.I was entering the house when I (hear) ______________ someone knocking at my door.
1.Shakespeare (die) ______________ in 1616.
2.I (not - understand) ______________ anything from yesterday's lecture. (3 Words)
3.He (not - be) ______________ ready for the project that was due. (2 Words)
4.When we went to the campsite, the sun (not - shine) ______________ . On the contrary, it was cloudy. (3 Words)
6.How (you - react) ______________ when you heard the screaming? (3 Words)
7.He (know) ______________ his wife when they were studying abroad.
8.I (walk) ______________ in the street when a dog attacked me. (2 Words)
10.What (you - do) _____________ when I came in? (3 Words)
11.Yesterday was a very beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds (sing) ______________ . (2 Words)
12.We (watch) ______________ our favourite movie when the electricity went off. (2 Words)
14.I (talk) ______________ to my boss about the promotion and he promised he would help.

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