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Vocabulary puzzle

Grethel orduna

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1.By the following day, public emotion is mounting but the Royal Family, esconced in Balmoral, remain _____.
6.It is a natural product and non _____ to humans and animals but gets rid of the bugs.
10.______ suffering by any means, that is a good thing.
11.This version also has a red plastic comb binding, which with age has tended to become quite _____.
13.In these coffee-houses, however, there generally prevails a very _____ stillness and silence.
15.I am like a mother with her child; I endure anything from you; I, that was once so _______ and proud.
19.Better tackle and float fishing methods help keep bites coming when the fish get ______.
20.The small number of complete vessels known would make any conclusions extremely ______.
21.The ______ for the death of Linus was commissioned by Psappha, with funds provided by the North West Arts Board.
22._____ intake will increase your risk of developing kidney problems.
23.I intend to make some adverts encouraging people to look on the bright side and stoically ______ misfortune.
2.______ offenses for which capital punishment was the sentence.
3.The _______ ex-wife sneaked into their bedroom and shot the skank for ruining their marriage.
4.Now there is talk of an attempted _____ by members of his own party to force him out.
5.There was certainly nothing I felt was in the least inflammatory - all was in a quite _____ tone!
7.Fresh soot is rather _______ and may be used as a soil fumigant to destroy insects and slugs.
8.The newuser letter contains a somewhat _____ string printed at the bottom of the page.
9.______ language, which I can only presume reflects the original French.
12.The new plan had _____ security implications.
14.There needs to be absolute ______ about the definition of an emergency.
15.The personality trait was ______ in the two men.
16.His family is _____ that this disease is terminal.
17.Our tour group enjoyed viewing the ______ carvings on the ceilings of the cathedral.
18.She was _____ enough to realize that Ed is just doing his mother's bidding.

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