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Leonard the Basketball Champion

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1.What word is 'exercises' in Spanish?
6.What words mean 'tennis courts' in Spanish?
8.What color is Leonard's karate belt?
10.What class does Gabriel Gallo Recommend as good exercise?
11.According to Christine Cabral, what should you drink instead of a sugary soda?
13.What word is 'basketball' in Spanish?
14.At the beginning of the story, what device is Leonard using to play games
15.On page 11, what exercise equipment does Leonard use to jump with his friends?
2.What does Leonard say after only five (5) minutes of warm ups?
3.What sport does Leonard practice with Violet Velascow every afternoon?
4.Who invites Leonard to participate in a freindly game of tennis?
5.What word means 'snacks' in Spanish?
7.What color is Yolanda Llamas' karate belt?
9.What type of drink does Leonard bring to the tennis courts?
12.Leonard plays several games: karate, tennis, basketball, and what other sport?

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