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A crossword puzzle to help enrich your vocabulary in the world of forests.

1     2          
4         5          
    6   7      

1.area where temerpatures are usually mild
4.a type of animal that eats dead and rotting plants and animals
6.top branches of trees in a forest that are very close together
11.become soft as a result of warming up
12.a type of forest that contains only conifers(conifer: an evergreen tree that has needle like leaves and grows it seeds inside cones)
2.the process by which green plants use light energy, carbon dioxide, and water to create food and oxygen
3.to become use to a change in survival in a specific place
5.animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal
7.chemicals in food that helps things grow
8.spoiling the air, land, or water with harmful things such as plastic garbage.
9.type of tree that loses its leaves in winter
10.simple kind of plant that is half fungus and grows over walls and trees

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