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3.overseas business investments made by private companies (2 Words)
5.system of standardized mass production attributed to Henry Ford
6.manufacturing activities in which the cost of transporting materials is not important for determining the location of the firm
8.one of the Asia tigers
9.a measure of the opportunities give to women compared to men with a country (2 Words)
13.monetary measurement of development that takes into account what money buys in different countries (3 Words)
16.the process of economic growth, expansion, or realization of resource potential
19.means that products are made and traded according to standards that protect workers and small businesses in LDCs (2 Words)
20.concept developed by Alfred Weber to describe the optimal locatio of a plant in relation to the costs of transportation (3 Words)
22.a firm that conducts business in at least two separate countries; aka multinational corporations (2 Words)
23.popular example of a microlending organization
24.country ranked #1 on the HDI
26.industries which tend to be located close to sources of raw materials since final product weighs less than constituent parts (2 Words)
28.a location where large shipments of goods are broken up into smaller containers for delivery to local markets (3 Words)
29.a model of economic development that describes a country's progression which occurs in five stages (2 Words)
30.the value of a particular product compared to the amount of labor needed to make it
1.measures the ability of women to participate in the process of achieving improvements (3 Words)
2.stipulations that require a country receiving an international loan to make economic or political changes in order to use the loan (2 Words)
4.total value of goods and services produced within the borders of a country during a year (3 Words)
7.sending industrial processes out for external production
10.name given to free-democratic countries during the Cold War (2 Words)
11.grouping together of many firms from the same industry in a single area for collective or cooperative use of infrastructure and sharing of resources
12.countries that usually have low levels of economic productivity, low per capita income, and generally low standards of living
14.industries whose products weigh more after assembly than they did previously in their constituent parts. (2 Words)
15.loss of industrial activity in a region
17.U.S. owned plants just inside Mexico that assemble goods to be sold in the U.S.A.
18.an industry in which the production of goods and services is based in homes (2 Words)
21.country that used the self sufficiency approach to become more developed
25.manufacturing region in the U.S. that is currently run down because companies have relocated their plants elsewhere (2 Words)
27.regions where economic power, in terms of wealth, innovation, and advanced technology are located

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