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2   3
4           5      
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14             15             16

4.(adj.) Lively, Jolly, Easy.
5.A perfect game is the ________ of any pitcher's career in baseball.
8.N. Belief or princible
11.(N.) Joining together, the point at witch two things meet.
12.Something unusual, not seen everyday
14.Please ________ convey our best wishes to your parents fiftieth wedding anniversary.
15.I tried to __________ my friends success because I was jealous of his new popularity.
17.Part of speech is noun and verb. Synonym of noun is trait.
18.Tobacco products usually have a large _________ tax.
19.That bird looks very _______ because of its striking colors.
1.That boy has a __________ smile.
2.Antonyms healthy, glowing, hale and hearty.
3.That old lady is pail and ___________.
6.No two religions see eye to eye on every fine detail of _________.
7.A quality or characteristic
9.To show or to communicate.
10.Make something appear smaller than it really is
11.Our property ends at the _________ at the rail road tracks.
13.At the highest point
16.Synonym is to cut out or to remove

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