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Newton's Second Law of Motion

2 3 4  
5         6        

5.True or False? An object with a greater inertia is easier to move than an object with a smaller inertia.
6.A push or pull.
8.An objects acceleration _______ as its mass increases.
9.An objects acceleration ________ as the force on it increases.
11.The _____ of an object depends on the mass of the object and the amount of force applied.
1.True or False? F=ma can be written as m=F/a.
2.In math, force can be written as "f".
3.An object with greater mass has a ________ inertia(greater or smaller).
4.The acceleration of an object is always in the same direction as the ________ applied.
6.True or False? In the equation F=ma, the "a" stands for air resistance.
7.Newton's second law describes the motion of an object when an ________ force is acting on it.
10.The amount of matter in an object.

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