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Supernatural Episode 1.10

by Holliewood Hollie

Words, Names and Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.10 - Asylum

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2.The wing of the asylum where the housed the really hard cases.
5.What tool was used by the kids to cut the chain on the door inside the asylum?
6.Last name of the cop Dean talks to in the bar
7.Last name of the cop who shot his wife and himself
8.Name of the asylum
10.City where the episode takes place
11.Name of the doctor that was chief psychiatrist at the asylum (last name)
12.The number that the ghost whispered to Kat
15.What does Sam shoot at Dean?
16.Who does Dean say his dad writes like?
17.What body part bleeds when a person is "helped" by the doctor?
18.State where the episode takes place
19.Episode Directed by
20.What did Dean pull out of his pocket when his flashlight went dead
1.What actor does Dean reference several times during the episode (first & last name))
3.Name of the bar where Sam & Dean go to talk to the other cop
4.What does Dean say to Sam after he punches him
9.Who does Dean introduce himself as (first & last name)
13.How many kids the the cops find sitting in the dark inside the asylum?
14.According to Dean, because of Sam's attitude, Dean always got the extra what.

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