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Chapter 6 Crossword

Adam Wickman

1 2
  3 4            
5           6                       7      
    9   10    
16           17    

4.The ownership of an individual
5.The measurement of a countries economy
8.A man who did great horrors in the early 1800's
11.The belief that specifically Europe's culture is superior to others
12.The belief that ones culture is more superior to anothers
13.What the natives to Africa believed the Portuguese to be
14.A heavily divided country that was ravaged by the Europeans
15.One of the main products bought and sold in India
16.Something that has been passed on by those who have lived in the past
18.An area located at the borders of India, Pakistan, and China
19.Was brought to the Americas in the early 1500's
1.Enlisted Indian Men in the 1600's
2.A company that Queen Elizabeth I granted a monopoly on trading in 1600
3.To forcibly remove one from land
5.The man who successfully made India independant
6.The removal of many in their original country to another country to be used as slaves
7.The loss of industry
9.Became a hero after his actions in India
10.to extend rule over multiple colonies or countries
17.A Hindi term for "rule"

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