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I Just Love Isaiah

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you find the answers in the book of Isaiah?

  6 7 8  
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3.What was the color of the people's sin that God could turn white as snow?
4.This was the first of five names given to the Messiah
9.This is the name given to the city of Jerusalem, the city of David
11.What was Isaiah's dad's name?
13.Isaiah said that God's power was so great these would flow down to Him
14.Isaiah wrote that the Lord proclaims this place as His throne?
15.Isaiah again recorded that the Messiah would be glorious in His what?
1.This was the name of one of Isaiah's sons whose name is the longest of all
2.According to Isaiah the Lord God created these and stretched them out
5.He was the son of Jotham
6.To these people there is no peace saith my God
7.This was the name given to the coming Messiah Who would be virgin born
8.Isaiah recorded that the Messiah would comfort all that do this
10.Isaiah recorded in chapter 3 a Woe or warning to these people
12.The pride of this place would cause him to howl

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