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I Love The Bible

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you name the book of the Bible to which the clue is referring?

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7       8        

1.This New Testament book reveals how much 'better' Jesus was than any one else
6.This Old Testament book was written by a man who was not a prophet from birth, but a herdsman
7.This Old Testament book reveals the degree of Solomon's wisdom teaching
9.This is the first book listed in the Old Testament
10.This Old Testament book reveals when the Medio-Persian Empire began to rule
12.This New Testament book reveals just how humble Jesus was
13.This Old Testament book contains the prophecy of the virgin birth
14.This New Testament book was written by an historian who was not a disciple of Jesus
2.This Old Testament book means 'The Preacher' and shares about the World Cycle
3.This New Testament book emphasizes the fact that through Jesus Christ we are justified
4.This New Testament book reveals the power of the tongue
5.This New Testament book records a conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus
8.This New Testament book reveals how Gentile conversion happened
11.This New Testament book was written by a once publican or tax collecter
12.This Old Testament book has the most chapter divisions of all books

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